10 Common Problems That Need Boiler Repair in Camberwell

During the colder winter months, the boilers may breakdown and have been out of action for some time. If you have any doubt regarding your boiler, always schedule professional boiler repair service in Camberwell. They are available to provide you with the best boiler repair in Camberwell. Here are a few common boiler problems you should know about:

Heating is not working and no hot water

Finding yourself with no heating or hot water happens more often. Broken airlocks and diaphragms or the failure of motorised valves can be the reason behind it. Water pressure related problems or the issues with the thermostat can also be the factors.

Uncommon banging noises

The uncommon noises like gurgling, banging or whistling coming from your boiler could be a result of low water pressure or kittling. Kettling is caused by a buildup of lime scale during the heat exchange procedure.

Dripping and leaking

One of the main reasons behind dripping and leaking can be because of the collapsing expansion vessel. This makes the water to escape from the auto air vent. This is quite a serious hassle and will require you to fix them as soon as possible.

Losing pressure

The loss of pressure can be caused by a water leak in the boiler. However, the reason behind expansion vessel failing can the pressure relief valve. It can be fixed by replacing the pressure relief valve and recharging the expansion vessel with air.

Frozen condensate pipe

The main role of the condensate pipe is to get rid of the waste water from the boiler. Though the pipe runs outside, it’s prone to freezing up during cold winter and causing blockages that can make your boiler to break down. If the pipe freezes up, you should call one of the qualified engineers for boiler repair in Camberwell.


The hard water areas are popular for being susceptible to the buildup of lime scale. Kettling is a common issue caused by the lime scale buildup in your boiler’s heat exchanger. The banging noises can be the signs of kettling.

Pilot light going out

A broken or damaged thermocouple could be the possible reason for going out the pilot light. It would stop the supply of gas. Something blowing out the pilot light like a draught or a buildup of deposits in the pilot light could be the reason.

Thermostat problems

The common problems with your thermostat can include losing accuracy, the operation of heating, when it’s not supposed or misreading the setting of temperature. However, you can invest in professional boiler repair in Camberwell.

Radiators not providing sufficient heat

A defective pump or corrosion inside the work preventing the hot water to flow freely can make the radiators not work properly. The use of chemical cleaners and flushing the system will fix this problem.

Boiler switching off on its own emergency plumbers

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