Beaded Gemstone Bracelet – More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

A beaded gemstone bracelet can be more than just a fashion accessory—the right stones may also carry deep healing properties. From calming amethyst to encouraging turquoise, Junebug’s revamped Innerjee collection elevates this mystical jewelry into an empowering talisman that you can wrap around your wrist and carry with you throughout your busy day.

Known as talismans, these bracelets were worn by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamia for protection against evil spirits and other harm. The trend then made its way to Europe, where the rich wore aristocratic bracelets adorned with precious stones to display their wealth and status.

When choosing a beaded gemstone bracelet, look to your intuition for guidance. Often, the first beads you gravitate toward are the ones you need. Whether you’re going through a tough time or simply need to feel grounded, a stone like rose quartz can help soothe anxiety and promote self-love. Or if you’re searching for truth and hope, the bold color of amazonite is believed to empower your search for authenticity.

Similarly, many believe that certain birthstones can bring good luck to those who wear them. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or gifting a loved one, a bracelet featuring their birthstone is a thoughtful addition to any jewelry box. beaded gemstone bracelets

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