Buying a Prada Galleria Leather Bag

In a sea of flashy It-bags, the pared-back leather Galleria bag is a sober answer for shoppers seeking a functional and elegant accessory. Its clean lines and rounded handles have earned the bag a cult following and even spawned a surreal series of short films, a tribute to Miuccia Prada’s fascination with art and film.

First debuted in 1995, the demure top-handle bag has reclaimed attention with its sleek silhouette and ’90s-inspired appeal. Now seen on the arms of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and every other LA it-girl, this bag’s brushed leather textile embodies the understated elegance that Prada is known for.

The brand stamp should be visible anywhere the word “Prada” is printed or engraved, including the triangle logo plaque on the exterior, hardware elements, and interior lining. It should be spelled in all caps, with the right leg of each ‘R’ curved and distinct from the rest of the letter – this distinctive font is a hallmark of Prada’s design language.

A genuine Prada bag is made entirely in-house, from start to finish. The brand’s artisanal production processes are highly coveted and often protected by patents, which is why it’s important to only purchase bags from authorized retailers (physical or online) to ensure you’re getting the real thing. When examining a new bag, check to see that its leather is thick and supple, and the stitching is smooth and evenly spaced. Also, look closely at the brand name on the triangle logo plaque to make sure that it’s clearly readable and not misspelled. prada bag

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